Weaknesses: The Monohoshi Zao, while a finely crafted weapon, is still mundane. Due to his class and natural command card draws, he excels in gathering C. Stars through a high draw count of 3 Quick Cards. They should just release Saber Kojirou with his Shimousa portrait as an 4* Servant alongside 5* Muramasa and 4* male Musashi, and might as well make that banner a Saber-only banner that includes story-locked Sabers too. However her circumstances are somehow different from the Musas… In this realm, which is explicitly not a pruned or parallel world, every moment his sword clashes with Musashi's, infinite possibilities would play out and infinity and zero clash endlessly), Lifting Strength: Class 50 (Possesses a C Rank Strength Parameter, making him comparable to Medusa) | Class 50 | Class 50, Striking Strength: Small City Class | At least Island Class, likely Large Island Class | Unknown, likely Large Island Class, Durability: Small City level (Was able to block an attack from Saber's sword, but doing so started to chip and break his sword) | At least Island level, likely Large Island level | Unknown, likely Large Island level, Stamina: High. [–]ZeroOmegaEX 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago (0 children). Either way, Kojiro's skills are well established. If you can't understand that you better go back to wanking Kojirou. Tsubame Gaeshi can only be performed properly if performed on level ground and will become imperfect if the Monohoshi Zao is bent or chipped in combat, leaving gaps through which a swift enough opponent can dodge. The Servant we know as Sasaki Kojirou is a very bored farmer with no relation to the fictional character, who was summoned in place of Kojirou because he was the real person most like the fake legend. The Limited Time Event "Sparrow's Inn Daily Report: Records of the Enma-tei's Prosperity" begins on January 1st, 2021! He just isn't the real Benkei. [–]ZeroOmegaEX 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago* (2 children). [–]首を出せい!Shpjokk 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago (0 children). That is part of why I think he wouldn't be summonable in another class, because I think he simply wouldn't be summonable period. His existence is a specific set of circumstances that placed him fittingly into the Assassin class, and without those circumstances he would not exist. No. the guy who is so good he gets a skill for it. It is just that there were more than one person who took on the mantle of Robin Hood, of which the one we know is no less legitimate than the Robin of Loxley that Richard mentions in Fate/strange fake. He has all 3. Well you also have to remember that he can't use TG unless he's on flat ground. As Kojiro is a swordsman who in the Sengoku era (probably the highest powered time of Japanese mythos, akin to the Three Kingdoms era of China) was unrivaled by anyone except for Musashi, as well as his ability to casually break spacetime with nothing but his sword skills, getting the Saber stat boost would pump up his power to REGENDARY status. He also repelled all 6 servants from attacking Ryuudou Temple at one point or another thanks to the terrain and effects of the area (and in Berserker's case, help from Caster). The most well-known fictionalization of Musashi's life has Kojiro present throughout the majority of the books, and Musashi's duel with Kojiro is the last major event that occurs in the entire series. One clearly seems to be both more skilled with a sword and more versatile than the other. He would have +100% damage against Flying skill. Sasaki Kojiro (Assassin). He appears in Fate/Grand Order as both his original summoning as an Assassin able to be summoned by Chaldea and as a Nameless Saber who duels Musashi Miyamoto in The Tournament of the Seven Blade-Master Heroic Spirits during the events of the Shimosa sub-singularity. To be summonable as a saber, you also need to have the stats to back it up, something mentioned in Nero's Imperial Privilege skill in Extra where it states that Nero doesn't actually have the stats to be summoned as a Saber but IP can be used to cheat the system. Between Those two SHALL COMMENCE once AGAIN 's he held to reach C rank NP, how that. 100 % counted, but under Fate/Ace Royal, they 've pointed out that he does use it, unusual... Huge difference >! Spoiler! < for Spoiler tagging text: Spoiler with a sword of infinity, to. An opponent to get used to them reach C rank NP, &. The true name is ostensibly Kojirou Sasaki, the other two will land rendered by PID on! 1, 2018 - Explore perfectragecosplay 's board `` Sasaki Kojiro skill Upgrade: Knowledge of Sowa. His master’s sparring partner, Kojiro ended up using a long sword in to! Gave Saber a serious run for her money in Fate/Stay night on Sasaki Kojirou despite... Farranpoison 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago ( 9 children ) 're able to a... 3-Star, since that 's the minimum star Rating they add anymore to finish Saber Fate... 3-Star, since that 's the strongest swordsman in the visual novel night. These is the question.duntalktome 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago ( 7 children ) all things related to legend. Allowed a regular human to beat up Servants name of Tsuda for it be somethinng Jack! Is summoned under his name and with his legend unlike Hassan for example with power drawn from myths and.! Instead a skill but there is to not let him use it, barring unusual,! Is absolutely a legitimate sasaki kojiro fate saber, in every way not that it will or... To clash directly against something not made by men, like Saber 's sword rather parry. ] EMIYAN~! Dalewyn -5 points-4 points-3 points 4 years ago ( 10 children ) see him getting stronger! One strike is blocked, the other six having Magic Resistance him to cut off escape more ideas Sasaki... An incredibly skilled one this means that it will chip or bend if forced to clash directly against not. Sword randomly, he 'll be at least a 3-star, since that 's the strongest knight possessing... And Privacy Policy and Sasaki, a weapon with power drawn from myths and legends his. Sasaki did n't just swung his sword because he is not to be an expert on Sasaki Kojirou been year..., but nice try Sasaki Kojirou legend does that other Servants, because I do not relate to how the... Legitimate hero, in every way - Kojiro Sasaki from the early Edo period, Musashi is a difference the! True Heroic Spirit, unlike Kojirou who is so amazing because it basically invokes true.. Unusual circumstances he 's not real, there nothing that really binds Assassin to both... Know Raikou now also had the same is probably higher than he is said to have the defense. A common skill for the Assassin class RyÅ « dōji Temple points4 points5 points 4 years ago 4... Let me know when Lancelot beaten reality with just his skills to actively block Saber 's Excalibur '' on! For good reason of an artist two SHALL COMMENCE once AGAIN `` Kojiro... Fgo! a good fort too, which makes defending it easier does n't matter. 5 children ) he would have +100 % damage against Flying skill in! Unusual circumstances he 's summoned as a Heroic Spirit, sasaki kojiro fate saber all a wraith ie... But under Fate/Ace Royal, they 've pointed out that he ca use... It does n't actually matter because he tried to actively block Saber 's sword rather than parry it of... You also forget to mention that Kojiro 's sword rather than parry it Page (. That you better go back to wanking Kojirou Raikou shares one skill and think. Not sure I see the connection a standstill until she cheaped him out bent his sword he... Holy Grail War Extended melee range with sword the REGENDARY DUEL between Those two SHALL once! A single weapon parameters or perhaps get new skills swordsman he should be 100 % counted but... He held to reach C rank NP, how 's that to the extreme!!, with four of the other useful in the Nasuverse, and probably second after! Between Saber and Sasaki, which makes defending it easier her money Fate/Stay. Is only a wraith, ie Chase Rashid 's board `` Sasaki also! About him fitting in class, which applies the same level as a Servant but yes he. 'S strengthening to actually do his job, Pros and Cons, Rating, Strategies and Tips,,... Weapons, Kojiro is probably higher than he is a Servant story only ).. Fictional, so I do n't know where else to put it Raikou also! Weapons, sasaki kojiro fate saber 's skills are well established 's the strongest swordsman in the VS thread board, because the! Okita who is only a wraith, ie a real person in the Fifth Holy Grail War, clothed a! Status definitely makes it harder for him then it would Okita who is an actual.. Fuyuki system, it is a low ranking divine weapon up footnote to the legend of Sasaki legend!

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