Open Google Chrome on your Mac or PC and click the three vertical dots found in the top-right of the browser window. Every once in a while for a variety of reasons, it’s possible for a window to get positioned such that its title bar – the bar across the top of the window with the program name as well as the Minimize, Maximize, and Restore buttons – is off the screen, becoming both impossible to see and impossible to click on using the mouse. In full screen, do any of the following: Show and hide the menu bar: Move the pointer to or away from the top of the screen to access the app’s menus. Last updated on September 30th, 2020. This is really stupid, but from what I gather, I must have pressed a shortcut for something because now the top of my window has disappeared (y'know, the part with the 'minimize', 'maximize' and 'close' buttons). Select "More Tools" from the … Windows 10, multi Monitor, maximized window blank/empty space on top of screen. Fix Maximized window blank / empty space on top of screen in Windows 10 December 18, 2020 By Admin Some windows 10 users reported that when they maximised a window of any application like browser (Chrome,IE etc) or a program , it shows an empty or black space at the top. The website is still there, as I can find text entry locations by moving my cursor and seeing it change from a mouse icon to a text icon. Hi! 2. As an alternative, you can: Maximize the window by pressing and holding the Option key while you click the green maximize button . When the window is maximized there is a bar at the top of the screen through which i can see my desktop. A few observations: It happens with Chrome, Adobe reader and Total Commander (perhaps others, don't know) It only happens when the window is maximized; It is dependent on the monitor I am using (see image below). Windows 10, multi Monitor, maximized window blank/empty space on top of screen This problem happens with all windows when maximized. Some of my colleagues has the same problem. Sometimes it is a black bar. When I opened Chrome today, it briefly flashes part of my home page and then reverts to an empty, white page with a thick black bar across the top. With the latest version of Google Chrome (Versión 41.0.2272.101 (64-bit)) running on MacOSX Yosemite, when I resize the address bar I loose the bar and I've to restart Google Chrome… I have a white bar across my Chrome window. The window expands, but the menu bar and the Dock remain visible. In recent days, I have come across different computers missing the "Minimize, Maximize and Close" buttons from the top-right corner in Google Chrome, and as a result of that problem, users cannot be able to close, or to minimize and maximize, the Google Chrome window. Basically, what happens is that in the top-right corner of my Chrome I only see the "+" sign (which, if I click on, opens a new tab) and then a little space. Jump to solution We have different Users with a strange behaviour - if they maximize a window tested with IE11, Acrobat, Windows Explorer, google chrome they get an empty or black / white space on top …

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