Explore the latest projects by developers built with Alibaba Cloud products. Charged based on the number of OSS API operation calls. As the name suggest OSS (Object Storage Service) is the API service provided by Alibaba Cloud to Store different objects. Cross-region replication supports automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across buckets in different regions. Storage Data Service. Objects stored 60 days or longer will not incur a 60-day minimum request charge. If availability is grouped by region, only one record is displayed for each service and the availability metric presented is the mean of all regions, and the service down symbol will be shown if any region is unavailable. Free DDoS Protection-Struggling with DDoS Attacks? Contribute to AlibabaCloudDocs/oss development by creating an account on GitHub. Create a bucket to store your origin's data. One of the storage offerings from Alibaba Aliyun Cloud is Object Storage Services (OSS). No charges are incurred if no services are used. This course is an introduction to the fundamental aspects of Alibaba’s Object Storage Service (OSS). For optimal load sharing, you can distribute restores to the cloud using multiple streams. These are Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic File System, Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, Amazon FSx for Lustre, and Amazon Elastic Block Store. As the cloud computing arm and business unit of Alibaba Group, It provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to power both our international customers’ online businesses and Alibaba Group’s own e-commerce ecosystem. Get a head start on your career in the cloud. Explore our global presence and deployment regions around the world, Learn what the top industry analyst firms are saying about Alibaba Cloud, Learn the basic knowledge about cloud computing, Our 13 offices locate in 13 countries and 4 continents, A series of talks by various industry leaders to unlock the key to digital transformation, Learn how customers are scaling their business on Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud security compliance and certifications, Resources to help customers deploy a secure and regulatory compliant cloud environment on Alibaba Cloud, Frequently asked questions about data security and privacy, Start Your Cloud Journey on Alibaba Cloud, Get Free Hands-on Experience With over 40 Products, SSD cloud server packaged with data transfer plan, starting from $2.50 per month, Get a $1500 Coupon for New Users to Build, Redefine workspace in a smart & simple way. You can add tags to objects when and after you upload the objects. Several factors affect the cost of traffic: Traffic fees are calculated on an incremental basis and charged monthly. Object Storage Service. After your traffic exceeds a certain amount, you will be billed based on fees for the next increment. Sign up for Alibaba Object Storage Service. Browser recommendations when using the Fastly web interface, Overriding caching defaults based on a backend response, Preventing cache poisoning via HTTP X-headers, Authenticating before returning a request, Custom responses that don't hit origin servers, Isolating header values without regular expressions, IP geolocation variables: Migrating to the new dataset, Overriding which IP address the geolocation features use, Understanding the different PASS action behaviors, Working with Edge Dictionaries using the API, Working with Edge Dictionaries using the web interface, Working with Edge Dictionary items using the API, Maintaining separate HTTP and HTTPS requests to origin servers, Adding or modifying headers on HTTP requests and responses, Enabling cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), Setting Content Type based on file extension, Understanding cache HIT and MISS headers with shielded services, Creating and using pools with Dynamic Servers, Creating and using server entries with Dynamic Servers, Authenticating URL purge requests via API, Setting Surrogate-Key headers based on a URL, Setting Surrogate-Key headers for Amazon S3 origins, Checking multiple backends for a single request, Creating and customizing a robots.txt file, Creating error pages with custom responses, Configuration guidelines for live streaming, Working with ACLs using the web interface, Penetration testing your service behind Fastly, Serving HTTPS traffic using certificates you manage, Serving HTTPS traffic using Fastly-managed certificates, About the Fastly WAF rule management interface, About the Fastly WAF rule management interface (legacy), Creating a custom WAF error page (legacy), Fastly WAF rule set updates and maintenance (legacy), Log streaming: Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Log streaming: Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Tardigrade Decentralized Object Cloud Storage, Changing connection timeouts to your origin, Using GET instead of HEAD for command line caching tests, About Fastly's Real-Time Log Streaming features, Enabling an IP allowlist for account logins through the web interface, Enabling and disabling two-factor authentication, Monitoring account activity with the audit log, Reviewing service activity with the event log. You'll also need to add some authorization parameters. Connect regional networks and create replication between regional databases. Alibaba provides block storage devices for ECS instances with this service. Use Object Storage Service: Probably you want to store files, so you need Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service. Alibaba Cloud develops highly scalable cloud computing and data management services. - Infrequent Access Storage is charged for a minimum storage duration of 30 days. This course is an introduction to the fundamental elements of Alibaba's Object Storage Service. OSS entitle you to store and call structured and unstructured data inclusive of text files, images, audios, and videos through a network connection. Alibaba Object Storage Service (OSS) can be used as an origin for Fastly for both public and private content. Home / Unlabelled / Alibaba Cloud / Training How To Operate And Manage Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service Youtube - It offers vps, database, storage. AWS also has object, file, and block storage products. Introduction baba-oss-uploader-bin is a handy command line OSS client that you can configure to work with cron, Jenkins, legacy automated release mgmt. RESTful APIs allow storage and access to … You can pay storage fees in the pay-as-you-go method or purchase storage plans. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is network-based data access service.

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